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Related post: Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 12:45:59 +0000 From: simon jones Subject: Outdoor Sex Part 1Outdoor Sex Part 1Lewis had just been woken up to the sound of his alarm clock going off, he reached over and put his hand on the snooze button on the alarm clock preteensnude tgp and went back to sleep, After a few more minutes the alarm went off again so Lewis decided to get up and get out of bed.As soon as he got out of his bed he went over to the window in his room and pulled back the curtains and looked outside preteen galleries model to an ordinary looking spring day some clouds in the sky and a few birds flying tiny model preteen around.Lewis then went over to his wardrobe and looked inside to see what clothes he could wear today and he noticed a black and dark blue coloured girl preteen 3d jeans so he got the dark blue ones and threw them onto the bed behind him, He then looked in the other side of the wardrobe and got out a random t-shirt which had some game logo on it.Lewis preteens hidden cams then left the clothes on the bed and took his dressing gown off the back of preteen secret tgp his bedroom door and put it on and left his room and headed down the hallway to the family bathroom at the end.As soon as Lewis got to the bathroom his little brother came out from behind the bathroom door and looked at his free under preteen older brother and said"Bro you really need to put some clothes on" Lewis looked confused at his little brother's statement and said to him"What do you mean I got my boy preteen twinks dressing gown on?" 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Lewis then took his eyes off the other two who were still having sex and looked at the black man and said"Yea this is my first time out crusing I have never done this before so a bit shocked" the black guy then sat down on a log and laughed and said"Do you like what you see?" and the black man then grabbed his still rock hard cock and started to massage it, Lewis then looked down at the impressive cock and said"Defiantly I love big cocks how big you are?" and the black man laughed again and said to Lewis"You don't preteen anal sex waste time do you and I am eight and a half inches long and three inches thick with nice low hanging balls" Lewis then immediately licked his lips and the black man did the same and the black man then said to Lewis"Do you fancy having some fun?" and Lewis simply nodded his head so then the black man went back other two the other preteens models galleries two guys and grabbed his clothes from off the ground and put them on.He then went back over to Lewis and 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said"Don't worry I will" Lewis then smiled back and got into his car and drove off out of the car park and headed homePART 2: COMING SOONAll comments are welcome and will be replied to and hope you all enjoy and sorry for any grammar mistakes buy I am dyslexic but please still enjoy
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